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Alpha Bank Romania - Cost Efficiency

Costs As % Of Assets & Income
Banking | Romania | March 06, 2018
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Alpha Bank Romania's cost to income ratio reached 51.1% in 2014, down from 59.4% when compared to the previous year.

Historically, the bank’s costs reached an all time high of 62.2% of income in 2008 and an all time low of 43.4% in 2010.

When compared to total assets, bank's cost amounted to 2.18% in 2014, down from 2.37% a year earlier.

Staff accounted for 41.2% of total operating expenditures in 2014. The bank operated a network of 149 branches and employed 2,183 persons in 2014.

When compared to bank's main peers, BRD Groupe Societe Generale operated in 2014 with a cost to income ratio of 50.6% in 2014, and Raiffeisen Bank Romania reached 55.4%.

You can see all the bank’s data at Alpha Bank Romania Profile, or you can download a report on the bank in the report section.