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Stavebni Sporitelna Ceske Sporitelny - Asset Quality

NPLs (As % Of Loans) & Provisions (As % Of NPLs)
Banking | Czech Republic | February 22, 2018
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Stavebni Sporitelna Ceske Sporitelny's non-performing loans reached 2.43% of total loans at the end of 2016, down from 2.59% when compared to the previous year. Historically, the NPL ratio hit an all time high of 4.81% in 2013 and an all time low of 0.106% in 1999.

Provision coverage amounted to 79.3% at the end of 2016, up from 60.9% compared to a year earlier.

The bank created loan loss provisions worth of 0.243% of average loans in 2016. That's compared to 0.575% of loans the bank put aside to its cost on average in the last five years.

When compared to bank's main peers, Ceskomoravska Stavebni Sporitelna operated at the end of 2016 with NPL ratio of 2.31% and provision coverage of 75.8%, Raiffeisen Stavebni Sporitelna with 3.48% and 68.2% respectively and Modra Pyramida Stavebni Sporitelna had 4.17% of bad loans covered with 52.3% by provisions at the end of 2016.

You can see all the bank’s data at Stavebni Sporitelna Ceske Sporitelny Profile, or you can download a report on the bank in the report section.