Which Country Has the Highest Cereal Yield?

Cereal Yield (kg per ha), 2014
Agriculture | February 22, 2018
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Based on a comparison of 167 countries in 2014, United Arab Emirates ranked the highest in cereal yield with 73,162 kg per ha followed by Oman and Kuwait. On the other end of the scale was Lesotho with 346 kg per ha, Botswana with 349 kg per ha and Niger with 484 kg per ha.

Average cereal yield reached 3,644 kg per ha in 2014 in the World according to Faostat. This is 0.209 % less than in the previous year and 7.74 % more than 10 years ago.

Historically, average cereal yield reached an all time high of 3,667 kg per ha in 2011 and an all time low of 1,422 kg per ha in 1961. The average annual growth amounted to 1.79 % since 1961.

Data for more countries are available at Cereal Yield indicator page.