Sheep Meat Production in the Czech Republic



Agricultural Land AreaAgricultural Land Per CapitaAgricultural Irrigated Land (As % Of Agricultural Land)Arable Land AreaArable Land Per CapitaCountry Land AreaPopulation DensityForest Land AreaForest Land Per CapitaAgricultural Land Area (As % Of Country Land Area)Forest Land Area (As % Of Country Land Area)Arable Land Area (As % Of Country Land Area)Agriculture, Value Added (As % Of GDP)Timber RemovalsTimber Removals Per CapitaTotal Sawnwood ProductionCattle Livestock (Total)Pigs Livestock (Total)Sheep Livestock (Total)Chickens Livestock (Total)Wheat ProductionCow Milk Production (Whole, Fresh)Cattle Meat ProductionSheep Meat ProductionWine Consumption Per CapitaBeer Consumption Per CapitaCigarette Consumption Per CapitaMeat Consumption Per CapitaFish Consumption Per CapitaMilk Consumption Per CapitaCheese Consumption Per CapitaOil And Fat Consumption Per CapitaVegetable Oil Consumption Per CapitaAnimal Fat Consumption Per CapitaFruit Consumption Per CapitaVegetable Consumption Per CapitaBeverage Consumption Per CapitaDrinking Water Consumption Per CapitaCereal Consumption Per Capita (Excluding Beer)Rice Consumption Per CapitaCattle Meat Consumption Per CapitaPork Meat Consumption Per CapitaSheep And Goat Meat Consumption Per CapitaPoultry Meat Consumption Per CapitaCoffee Consumption Per CapitaFreshwater Fish Consumption Per CapitaMarine Fish Consumption Per CapitaNumber Of Agricultural TractorsTractors Per Agricultural LandTractors Per Arable LandWine Consumption (Total)Beer Consumption (Total)Cigarette Consumption (Total)Meat Consumption (Total)Fish Consumption (Total)Milk Consumption (Total)Cheese Consumption (Total)Vegetable Oil And Animal Fat Consumption (Total)Vegetable Oil Consumption (Total)Animal Fat Consumption (Total)Fruit Consumption (Total)Vegetable Consumption (Total)Beverage Consumption (Total)Drinking Water Consumption (Total)Cereal Consumption, Excluding Beer (Total)Rice Consumption (Total)Cattle Meat Consumption (Total)Pork Meat Consumption (Total)Sheep And Goat Meat Consumption (Total)Poultry Meat Consumption (Total)Coffee Consumption (Total)Freshwater Fish Consumption (Total)Marine Fish Consumption (Total)Potato Consumption Per CapitaSugar Consumption Per CapitaPotato Consumption (Total)Sugar Consumption (Total)Consumption Of Chocolate Products Per CapitaConsumption Of Chocolate Products (Total)Agricultural Raw Material Exports (As % Of Merchandise Exports)Agricultural Raw Material Imports (As % Of Merchandise Imports)Agriculture (Value Added, USD)Precipitation In Depth (Annual Average)Cereal ProductionCereal YieldEmployees In Agriculture, Female (As % Of Female Employment) Employees In Agriculture, Male (As % Of Male Employment) Fertiliser Consumption (kg Per Hectare Of Arable Land) Fertiliser Consumption (As % Of Fertiliser Production)Food Exports (As % Of Merchandise Exports)Food Imports (As % Of Merchandise Imports)Forest Rents (As % Of GDP) Land Under Cereal ProductionPermanent Cropland (As % Of Land Area)Terrestrial And Marine Protected Areas (As % Of Total Territorial Area)Terrestrial Protected Areas (As % Of Total Land Area) Pig Meat ProductionPoultry Meat ProductionApple Consumption Per CapitaBanana Consumption Per CapitaOrange and Mandarine Consumption Per CapitaOnion Consumption Per CapitaTea Consumption Per CapitaTomato Consumption Per CapitaApricot ProductionBean ProductionGarlic ProductionHop ProductionLentils ProductionApple Consumption (Total)Banana Consumption (Total)Onion Consumption (Total)Orange And Mandarine Consumption (Total)Tea Consumption (Total)Tomato Consumption (Total)Almond ProductionProduction of Anise, Badina, Fennel and CorianderApple ProductionAreca Nut ProductionAsparagus ProductionAvocado ProductionBanana ProductionBarley ProductionProduction of Beans (Dry)Production of Beans (Green)Production of Berries (Other)Production of Broad & Horse Beans (Dry)Production Of Cabbage And Other BrassicaProduction Of Carrots And TurnipsCassava ProductionCastor Oil Seed ProductionProduction Of Cauliflower And BroccoliCherry ProductionProduction Of Chilli and Pepper (Dry)Production Of Chilli and Pepper (Green)Cotton Lint ProductionCottonseed ProductionCucumber And Gherkin ProductionCurrant ProductionProduction of DatesEggplant (Aubergines) ProductionFig ProductionFlax Fibre and Tow ProductionGrapefruit Production (Incl. Pomelo)Grape ProductionGroundnut ProductionHazelnut ProductionHemp Tow Waste ProductionHempseed ProductionJute ProductionLemon and Lime ProductionLettuce And Chicory ProductionLinseed ProductionMaize ProductionMango, Mangosteen and Guava ProductionMixed Grain ProductionMushroom and Truffle ProductionMustard Seed ProductionOat ProductionOlive ProductionOnion Production (Dry)Orange ProductionPapaya ProductionPeach and Nectarine ProductionPear ProductionPea Production (Dry)Pea Production (Green)Pineapple ProductionPlum and Sloe ProductionPoppy Seed ProductionPotato ProductionPumpkin, Squash and Gourd ProductionQuince ProductionRapeseed ProductionRaspberry ProductionRice ProductionRye ProductionSafflower SeedSeed Cotton ProductionSesame Seed ProductionSorghum ProductionSour Cherry ProductionSoybean ProductionSpinach ProductionStrawberry ProductionSugar Beet ProductionSugar Cane ProductionSunflower Seed ProductionSweet Potato ProductionTangerine, Mandarin and Clementine ProductionTea ProductionTobacco Production (Unmanufactured)Tomato ProductionVetch ProductionWalnut ProductionWatermelon ProductionWine ProductionCitrus Fruit ProductionCoarse Grain ProductionFibre Crop Primary ProductionTotal Fruit Production (Excl. Melon)Jute & Jute-like Fibre ProductionOilcake Equivalent ProductionOilcrop Primary ProductionPulse ProductionRoot and Tuber ProductionTreenut Production (Total)Production Of Vegetables, Primary (Total)Production Of Vegetables And MelonsArtichoke ProductionBlueberry ProductionBuckwheat ProductionCanary Seed ProductionCashew Nut ProductionChestnut ProductionChick Pea ProductionChicory Root ProductionCocoa Bean ProductionCoconut ProductionCoffee Production (Green)Cranberry ProductionGinger ProductionKiwi Fruit ProductionLeek ProductionLupin ProductionMillet ProductionNatural Rubber ProductionOil Palm Fruit ProductionOkra ProductionOnion (inc. Shallot) ProductionPalm Kernel ProductionPalm Oil ProductionPepper ProductionPeppermint ProductionPersimmon ProductionPistachio ProductionTriticale Production Yam ProductionProduction of Barley for BeerCoconut (Copra) Oil ProductionCottonseed Oil ProductionGroundnut Oil ProductionLinseed Oil ProductionMaize Oil ProductionMargarine Production (Short)Molasses ProductionVirgin Olive Oil ProductionPalm Kernel Oil ProductionRapeseed Oil ProductionSesame Oil ProductionSoybean Oil ProductionRaw Sugar Centrifugal ProductionSunflower Oil ProductionBeeswax ProductionBuffalo Hide ProductionBuffalo Meat ProductionBuffalo Milk Production (Whole, Fresh)Production of Cattle HidesChicken Meat ProductionDuck Meat ProductionGame Meat ProductionGoat Meat ProductionGoat Milk Production (Whole, Fresh)Goatskin ProductionGoose and Guinea Fowl Meat ProductionHen Eggs ProductionHoney Production (Natural)Horse Meat ProductionSheep Milk Production (Whole, Fresh)Sheepskin ProductionSilkworm Cocoons, Reelable ProductionSkin with Wool Sheep ProductionWool Production (Greasy)Cattle Meat Production (Indigenous)Rabbit Meat ProductionTurkey Meat ProductionOther Bird Egg ProductionTotal Egg ProductionTotal Meat ProductionTotal Milk Production (Whole, Fresh)Mutton & Goat Meat Production (Indigenous)Sheep and Goat Meat Production (Total)Production of Butter from Cows' MilkProduction of Cheese from Goats' MilkProduction of Cheese from Sheeps' MilkProduction of Cheese from Skimmed Cows' MilkProduction of Cheese from Whole Cows' MilkFresh Cream ProductionLard ProductionSkimmed Milk Production (Dry)Production of Skimmed Cows' MilkProduction Of Milk (Whole, Condensed)Production Of Milk (Whole, Dried)Production Of Milk (Whole, Evaporated)Raw Silk ProductionTallow ProductionButter and Ghee ProductionCheese Production (All Kinds)Production Of Milk (Evaporated & Condensed)Production Of Skimmed Milk & Buttermilk (Dry)Bean Consumption Per CapitaAlcoholic Beverage Consumption Per Capita (Distilled)Cocoa Bean Consumption Per CapitaCoconut Consumption Per CapitaDate Consumption Per CapitaAlcoholic Beverage Consumption Per Capita (Total)Pulse Consumption Per CapitaSpice Consumption Per CapitaStarchy Root Consumption Per CapitaSugar & Sweetener Consumption Per CapitaEgg Consumption Per CapitaPelagic Fish Consumption Per CapitaConsumption Of Cocoa Per CapitaConsumption Of Cocoa (Total)Bleached Sulphate Pulp ProductionBleached Sulphite Pulp ProductionProduction Of Case MaterialsChemical Wood Pulp ProductionCoated Papers ProductionDissolving Wood PulpFolding Boxboard ProductionHardboard ProductionHousehold And Sanitary Paper ProductionInsulating Board ProductionMedium Density Fibreboard Production (MFD)Mechanical Wood Pulp ProductionNewsprint Paper ProductionParticle Board ProductionPlywood ProductionProduction Of Printing and Writing PaperRecovered Fibre Pulp ProductionRecovered Paper ProductionSemi-Chemical Wood Pulp ProductionUnbleached Sulphate Pulp ProductionUnbleached Sulphite Pulp ProductionVeneer Sheets ProductionWood Charcoal ProductionWood Fuel ProductionWood Residues ProductionWrapping Paper ProductionProduction Of Pulpwood, Round & SplitFibreboard ProductionIndustrial Roundwood ProductionPaper and Paperboard ProductionPaper And Board Production (Excl. Newsprint)Production Of Pulp For PaperRoundwood ProductionProduction Of Sawlogs And Veneer LogsTotal Fibre Furnish ProductionWood Pulp ProductionWood Pulp Production (Excl. Mechanical)Production Of Wood-Based Panels
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