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Browse through over 300,000 time series, or find the number you're looking for within the more than 10 million data points our database contains. We have collected and sorted statistical data for 181 countries into 30 key different sectors from hundreds of public sources including national statistical offices, central banks, national and supranational associations and organisations and also from a number of licensed partners,. Some data are completely free and some are free for specific years only with a padlock sign hiding the other numbers. If you don't have a subscription, just hover your mouse over the padlock and you'll see the price options for unlocking the hidden data for the time series. The Indicator Chart at the top shows you for which years data are available.

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Sector Data

Our population and global economy data cover more than 99% of the world. Our database is divided into 30 different sectors and we are particularly strong on Banking and Real Estate. Our confidence is based on nearly 20 years of analysing companies in the region of Emerging Europe. If you see a gap, however, and feel that a particular sector should be added to the list, please let us know (at info@helgianalytics.com) as we're happy to consider new suggestions. Select a sector to see which indicators are available: