10 Facts You Should Know About Blood

Health Care | September 4, 2014
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There are 10 facts you should know about blood on Friday:

1) Blue blood exists - the blood of horseshoe crabs contains the copper-containing protein hemocyanin. This makes their blood blue instead of red.

2) It would take about 1,200,000 mosquitoes to fully drain the average human body of blood

3) Over 99% of the non-European population has Rh- blood type

4) The universal donner has 0- blood type, the universal receiver is AB+

5) The oldest and the most spread blood type is 0. It is over 40,000 years old

6) Various species require different levels of testing to ensure a compatible match. For example, cats have 3 known blood types, cattle have 11, dogs have 12, pigs 16 and horses have 34

7) Japanese believe blood type might determine personality. Blood type 0 is considered the best to be the best for leaders and managers.

8) Every fourth of us gets a blood transfusion in a life time

9) There are 107 mil blood donations a year in the world

10) First blood transfusion on human was accomplished in 1667 by Jean-Baptiste Denis, from sheep to humans