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20 Deadliest Countries for Journalists (1992-2015)

February 24, 2016
Excel Sheet

According to the United Nations, 'Journalism is one of the most dangerous professions in the world.' Nowadays, journalism is more dangerous than ever. Covering a war is obviously a dangerous task, but being brutally killed in front of a camera just for telling the truth and reporting the news, is unfortunately not so rare.

According to the 'Committee to Protect Journalists', 71 journalists were killed in 2015. This included  three media workers for whom the motive was confirmed and 25 journalists for whom the motive was unconfirmed. And regarding last year – the deadliest countries for journalists were Syria (14 murders), France (9) and Brazil (6).

According to the CPJ, 782 journalists have been murdered worldwide since 1992 in direct retaliation for doing their job.  An even more alarming statistic is that 90% of their killers have not been brought to justice. With a death toll of 110 since 1992, Iraq remains the deadliest place on earth for journalists. 

The countries hitting the record books for the number of journalists imprisoned are China and Egypt.