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Bank Ochrony Srodowiska - Quarterly Interest Margin & Yields

Net Interest Margin & Interest Rates (%)
Banking | Poland | May 12, 2023
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Bank Ochrony Srodowiska's net interest margin amounted to 3.55% in the first quarter of 2023, down from 4.64% when compared to the previous quarter.

Historically, the bank’s net interest margin reached an all time high of 4.64% in 4Q2022 and an all time low of 1.22% in 1Q2015. The average margin in the last six quarters amounted to 3.26%.

Average asset yield was 7.17% in 1Q2023, up from 3.32% when compared to the same period last year. On the other hand, cost of funding amounted to 3.99% in 1Q2023, up from 0.648%.

You can see all the bank’s data at Bank Ochrony Srodowiska Profile, or you can download a report on the bank in the report section.

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