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Drugs Distribution By ATC Groups (Packages)

Health Care | Czech Republic | September 29, 2014
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Volume of distributed drugs has increased by 9-fold since 1990 to nearly CZK 59 bil in 2012. In financial terms, the group of antineoplastics have increased the most (305% since 1999) and represents the single biggest group of ATC drugs (nearly 20% of total)

On the other hand, number of packages distributed have dropped 17% since 1999 to 280 mil packages in 2012. Antineoplastics, drugs for hormonal system and genitourinary system are the only ones, which have grown since 1999.

Prices per package have doubled since 1999 to CZK 209 per pack in 2012. Prices for Antineoplastics and drugs for nervous system have increased the most