Česká Spořitelna - Workforce (2000-2015)

Banking | Czech Republic | February 25, 2016
Excel Sheet

Česká Spořitelna is the largest retail bank in the Czech Republic. Through a network of 621 branches and 1,589 ATMs, it serviced nearly 5 million retail clients at the end of 2015. Following hefty loan losses and a government-orchestrated bailout at the end of the 1990s, the bank was sold to Austria's Erste Bank in 2000.

Since the takeover, Česká Spořitelna's net profit has increased dramatically and the average ROE reached nearly 19% in between 2006-2015. The bank is well capitalised (with a capital adequacy ratio exceeding 21%) and very well funded (with loans to deposits at only 75%) and has been lending cautiously since its privatisation (non-performing loans accounted for only 4.1% of total at the end of 2015).

You can download all updated data for the bank at Česká Spořitelna Profile