Flat Or House? That Is The Question!

Real Estate | December 9, 2014
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In 2012, nearly 42% of the EU-28 population lived in flats, just over one third (34%) in detached houses and 24% in semi-detached houses, according to Eurostat. The share of persons living in flats was highest across the EU Member States in Estonia (65%), Spain (65%) and Latvia (64%).

South-East Europeans prefer detached houses, on the other hand.The highest share of the population live in detached houses in Croatia (73%), Slovenia (67%), Hungary (64%) and Romania (61%).

Czechs belong to the flat-dwellers with more than 52% of population using this type of housing at the end of 2012.

When looking at the newly built dwellings, however, it's clear the ratio of flat-dwellers will be declining. While houses formed less than 40% of new dwellings built in the 1990's, it was more than 60% in 2013, according to the Czech Statistical Office.

More data on new dwellings at www.helgilibrary.com/indicators/index/new-dwellings-completed