House Prices To Income & Rent

Real Estate | October 17, 2014
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Global residential house prices further increased in the second quarter of 2014, according to the IMF's Global House Price Index. The equal-weighted index increased further 0.4% qoq in 2Q2014 pushing the house prices nearly 39% above the level seen at the end of 1999.

The developments in the real estate markets have led to seemingly contradictory concerns about both overheating and slow recovery, IMF says.

Concerns about sustainability are greater in economies in which housing markets have rebounded, particularly for the emerging market economies in this group, for which growth prospects have been revised downward considerably in recent years. The most notable case is China. In Brazil, for example, house prices and lending have increased sharply since 2009.

In other countries where housing markets have rebounded, IMF assessments point to modest overvaluations in Canada and Israel and more substantial overvaluations in Norway and Sweden.

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