How Important Is Religion to You?

Society | April 18, 2016
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Ethiopians are the most religious people in the world, according to a survey that seems to compare religious faith and poverty. The survey found that about 98% of Ethiopians say “religion is very important in their lives,” thus placing Ethiopia in the Top of most God-fearing people in the world.

The 2015 Global Attitudes survey looked at how people around the world feel about religion. Other nations where more than nine in 10 people feel strongly about religion include Indonesia, Pakistan and Burkina Faso.

Overall, religion is more important to people in the developing world, with the world’s major economies returning much lower percentages. The United States is an exception to this – over half of Americans consider their religion important to who they are.

The Chinese feel least strongly about religion by some distance – fewer than one in 20 people said it was very important.