How Much AAA Auto Makes On A Car Sold?

Automotive | February 05, 2014
Excel Sheet

AAA Auto's financials provide an interesting insight into the Company's business. In 2012, AAA Auto made an average net profit of EUR 434 per car it sold, on our calculation. The average selling price (including other services) reached EUR 6,540 per car. In other words, when you bring your car to AAA Auto, the Company usually adds 35% to the price you got paid (based on Company's gross margin). In 2012, it was an average surcharge of EUR 1,805.

AAA Auto Group N.V. is privately owned used car dealer based in the Netherlands. The Company is the largest dealer in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the last two decades, the Company has sold over 1.3 million used cars. In 2012, more than 50,000 cars has been sold through more than 30 car centres in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia.

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