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How Much Alcohol Do We Drink?

Health Care | September 30, 2014
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Austria, France, Austria reported the highest consumption of alcohol, with 12.0 litres or more per adult per year in 2011. Low alcohol consumption was recorded in Indonesia, India, Turkey and Israel, where religious and cultural traditions restrict the use of alcohol among some population groups.

Although average alcohol consumption has gradually fallen in many OECD countries over the past three decades, it has risen in Finland or Mexico, for example. Alcohol consumption in the Russian Federation, as well as in Brazil and China, has risen substantially.

Czechs are among the heaviest alcohol consumers in Europe with 11.4 litres of pure alcohol a year. They consume nearly a pint of beer per person a day on average. In addition, the trend is not good. While alcohol consumption declines in most developed countries, it has been slightly rising in the Czech Republic in the last two decades.