How Much Hino Motors Invests?

Capital Expenditures (JPY bil) & Capital Expenditures (As % of Sales)
Automotive | Japan | March 21, 2018
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Skoda Auto invested total of JPY 87.4 bil in 2015, up 14.9% when compared to the previous year. Historically, company's investments reached an all time high of JPY 87.4 bil in 2015 and an all time low of JPY 27.4 bil in 2010.

When compared to total sales, investments reached 5.01% in 2015, up from 4.52% seen in the previous year. This is compared to 4.00% seen on average in the last five years.

As far as Hino Motors's peers are concerned, Toyota Motor Corporation invested JPY 4,059 bil, or 14.3% of its sales in 2015. The comparable figures for Mazda Motor Corporation are JPY 89.2 bil and 2.62% respectively and JPY 69.0 bil and 3.04% at Mitsubishi Motors Corporation on 2015 numbers.

You can see all the company’s data at Hino Motors Profile, or you can download a report on the company in the report section.