How safe you are on the roads?

Transport | November 13, 2015
Excel Sheet

Every year, there are 1.25 million road traffic deaths worldwide. 90% of road traffic deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries, according to the summary made by WHO. These countries have only 54% of the world’s registered vehicles. WHO mentioned a few more interesting facts:

Vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists, and riders of motorized 2-wheelers) account for half of all road traffic deaths globally.

Controlling speed reduces road traffic injuries. Only 47 countries, representing 13% of the world’ population, have laws that meet best practice on urban speed restrictions.

Drinking alcohol and driving increases the risk of a crash. Only 34 countries, representing 2.1 billion people, have national drink–driving laws that meet best practice.

When riding, wearing a good-quality helmet can reduce the risk of death from a road crash by 40% and the risk of severe injury by over 70%.

In the car, wearing a seat-belt reduces the risk of death for front-seat passengers by 40–65% and by 25-75% for rear-seat occupants

Infant seats, child seats and booster seats can reduce child deaths by 54–80% in the event of a crash. More than half of all countries have implemented a law on child-restraint use in cars.