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Sale of iPhone Devices
Telcos & Hi-Tech | USA | October 31, 2019
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Apple Inc. sold 198 mil iPhones in 2019, down 15.1% when compared to the previous year. Historically, company sales of iPhones reached an all time high of 233 mil in 2018 and an all time low of 1.39 mil in 2007.

In financial terms, sales of iPhones reached USD 142,381 mil, down 13.6% when compared to the previous year. This represents 54.7% of total sales achieved by the Company in 2019, down from 55.8% five years ago and up from 15.7% when compared to a decade ago.

Average price, or net sale per iPhone sold reached USD 718 in 2019, up 1.69% when compared to the previous year. This is up 19.2% when compared to five years ago.

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Sales of iPhone Unit 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Apple Inc. USD mil 91,279 101,991 155,041 136,700 139,337