Iveco Czech Republic - Price & Profit Per Bus

Automotive | Czech Republic | April 28, 2014
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Iveco Irisbus Czech Republic (formerly known as Karosa) is a bus manufacturer from Vysoké Mýto town of Czech Republic. In 1994 it became a part of Renault, which itself was later, in 1999 integrated into the Irisbus holding (since 2003 wholly owned by the Iveco Group).

In 2012, the Company produced 2,773 buses in the Czech Republic, nearly twice as many as a decade ago. About 95% of the production is exported mostly to France.

The average price reached USD 153,000 per bus sold in 2012, when Company's financials are taken as a guide. As a result, the Company makes a net profit of USD 15,370 per each bus sold