Komercni Banka - Quarterly Revenue Breakdown (Mar03-Dec15)

Banking | Czech Republic | February 11, 2016
Excel Sheet

Komerční Banka is the third largest bank by assets in the Czech Republic, with a share of over 16%. Formerly a corporate-oriented bank, the bank has developed into a universal bank servicing more than 1.6 mil retail clients through more than 400 branches

Following hefty loan losses and a government-orchestrated bailout at the end of the 1990s, 60% of the bank was sold to France's Societe Generale in 2001. Since the takeover, Komerční Banka's net profit has increased fivefold and the bank's ROE has been amounting to 10-20%.

The bank is well capitalised (with a capital adequacy ratio at nearly 16% at the end of 2015) and funded (with loans to deposits at 80%) and has been lending cautiously since its privatisation (non-performing loans accounted for only 4.2% of the total at the end of 2015).

You can download all updated data for the bank at Komercni Banka Profile