Most Spam Messages Come from the USA

Telcos & Hi-Tech | March 23, 2016
Excel Sheet

More than half of all emails received across the world are spam, according to security software company Kaspersky. 

In 2015, the United States was the top source of the majority of the spam emails filling up your inbox with more than 15% of global spam originating there. Russia, Vietnam and China followed with 6% each.

The overall volume of spam emails has reduced by almost 12% since 2014.

Germany is the country most often targeted by malicious emails, with almost 20% of global spam received in German inboxes. The UK and the US received around 10% of global malicious spam between them.

Despite the decline in spam emails, Kaspersky is warning that the number of malicious and fraudulent messages will increase, with mobile phones expected to become “yet another weapon in the cybercriminals’ arsenal”.