New Dwellings Built in The Czech Rep. Since 1948

Real Estate | Czech Republic | December 9, 2014
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In 2012, nearly 42% of the EU-28 population lived in flats, just over one third (34%) in detached houses and 24% in semi-detached houses, according to Eurostat. The share of persons living in flats was highest across the EU Member States in Estonia (65%), Spain (65%) and Latvia (64%).

South-East Europeans prefer detached houses, on the other hand.The highest share of the population live in detached houses in Croatia (73%), Slovenia (67%), Hungary (64%) and Romania (61%).

When looking at the long-term trends, it is clear Czechs changed their appetitte following the political changes at the beginning of 1990s. Since the middle of 1990's, there were more houses than flats built and the share exceeded 60% in 2013, according to the Czech Statistical Office.

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