Salary Comparison Within Central Europe

October 9, 2014
Excel Sheet

Gross average monthly wage is a sum of money before taxes, general health insurance, social security or pension funds are deducted. In the Czech Republic, for example, the wages include the amounts cleared in the given period, regardless of whether they were actually paid out to the employees.

Switzerland, Norway and Denmark are among the countries with the highest pay globally, with the average gross wage exceeding USD 6,000 a month. This is compared to around USD 300 a month in Moldova, USD 500 in Bulgaria or USD 900 in Turkey, for example.

The average Czech salary has increased six-fold since 1993 in USD terms and amounted to USD 1,327 at the end of 2012. Although this belongs among the highest levels of compensation within Central and Eastern Europe (and is nearly twice as much as what Romanians earn), it still represents only 35% of the German average.

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