Scotland's Vote On Independence

Economy | United Kingdom | September 13, 2014
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Around a third of Scotland's 4 million voters believe that Scotland should leave the UK and become independent, ending the 305-year-old political union with England.

Whatever the current opinion polls say, the referendum scheduled for Thursday, Sep 18 will provide the ultimate answer to the key question - "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

The business remains a key issue when looking at the opinion polls while the oil seems to be the crucial element when looking at the economic numbers and forecasts ahead.

At the moment, money raised from North Sea oil and gas revenues goes into the UK's central government pot. The Scottish government believes Scotland is entitled to a 90% geographical share of the North Sea's oil and gas fields, giving it 81% of all the oil and gas produced in 2010

If you look at the figures this way, it completely changes the Scottish economy. This shows the effect on Scotland's gross domestic product