Shall we Have Santa's Helper for Dinner?

Agriculture | Sweden | December 20, 2015
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Santa may need to start saving up for a ticket on the polar express this year. The population of one of the season’s most iconic animals - reindeer - has been declining — and not only in the North Pole.

The herders who keep reindeer have been inching closer to busy roads to cater to tourists. But this leaves reindeer more vulnerable to getting hit by cars or poached by hunters. An instinctive nature can also cause some dangerous situations when man meets beast.

A typical reindeer can run at up to 24km per hour. If you accidentally bump into Santa's helper on your Christmas walk and are lucky enough to survive the collision, remember that reindeer meat is one of the healthiest you can put on your plate. It contains more than double the nutrients of many other meats, and is comparable to chicken in fat.

Eat well and be well. This is the last Chart of the Day for 2015. Helgi Library wishes you a Merry Christmas.

P.S.: By the way, did you know that male reindeer lose their antlers after rutting which is before Christmas. So all of Santa's helpers must be girls - therefore it should be Rudolfina