Skoda Auto - Market Share On Key Markets (2014)

Automotive | Czech Republic | June 24, 2015
Excel Sheet

In 2014, Skoda Auto sold more than 1 million cars for the first time reaching a market share of 1.6% worldwide. That is compared to only 210,000 cars, the Company sold in 1995. The Company sold more than 93% of its production abroad in 2014, up from 80% in 1999. With more than 281,000 cars sold in 2014, China has become the single biggest market for Skoda Auto. This represents more than 27% of total Skoda cars sold in 2014. In Germany, nearly 150,000 cars has been sold in 2014, or 14% of total Skoda cars produced. Still, the Company maintains a dominant position on its domestic market. In 2014, every third car sold in the Czech Republic had the Skoda batch. The Company remains fairly strong in the CEE region (with a 23% market share in Slovakia and 14% in Poland), Germany, Austria and Switzerland (with a 5-7% market share) and Russia (nearly 4%). The data presented in the chart could be downloaded in the Companies section at