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Tennis' Gender Pay Gap Problem

Sport & Games | September 1, 2014
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Although prize money paid at the tennis Grand Slams have equaled between men and women, men consistently out earn women. Most casual fans remain unaware that there’s a gender pay gap in pro tennis.

According to paper by Collin Flake, Mikaela Dufur and Erin Moore "Advantage men: The sex pay gap in professional tennis,” female pros earned 23.4% logged dollars less than their male peers during the 2009 season.
Plenty of reasons have been provided to explain the difference such as higher numbers of sets played by men, or higher price for tickets to watch men play. Trying to make excuses for the gap’s existence ultimately misses the greater point: the reasons such a gap exists in the first place.
Society is patriarchal and male-dominated, sports in particular. 
When looking at the career price money earned by the TOP50 tennis male and female players by ATP and WTA, men have earned 35% more than women, on average. Thanks partly to the dominance of the "Big Three" (Federer, Nadal and Djokovic) in the last years, the difference is even bigger at the top places (78%).