The 2015 Australian Open Prize Money Breakdown

Australia | January 18, 2015
Excel Sheet

The Australian Open has increased prize money by around 10% to an historic high of $36.3 million. That is compared to $38.3 mil at the US Open in 2014, $41.98 mil at Wimbledon and $34.54 mil paid out at the French Open in 2014.

Men and women singles winners will each get $3.1m while a first round loser will receive $34,500.

The distribution of the prize-money is again an interesting thing to look at. The singles competitors, of course, take the bulk of the coin. The men's and women's singles champions will earn $3.1 million, a record payout at the year's final grand slam.

On the other hand, the winner of men's and women's doubles take "only" $260,000 each. If you are a qualifier, and an unsuccessful one losing in the third round of the qualification, you would take home poor $16,000.

The curve seems to be very positively skewed towards the winners, when looking at the chart. After all, tennis is a game of the Champions...   much less money is left to the losers