The Foreigners Among Us

Society | March 7, 2016
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The percentage of foreigners born in a country correlates mostly to immigration rates, but is also affected by emigration, birth and death rates in the destination country. For example the United Kingdom and Ireland are destination countries for migrants from Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia, but are themselves source countries for immigration to other Anglo-sphere countries.

The countries with the highest rates of immigration are wealthy countries with relatively open citizenship or migration laws including Canada, Australia and the Persian Gulf States.

The largest foreign-born population in the world is in the United States, which according to Pew Research Center was home to 41 million foreign-residents in 2013, or 13.1% of the population.

Following WWII and 40 years of Communism, the Czech Republic remains largely a homogenous society with just 7.1% foreign residents.

The foreign-born population covers all people who have ever migrated from their country of birth to their current country of residence.