The World’s Richest Football Clubs (2014/2015)

Sport & Games | World | January 24, 2016
Excel Sheet

Real Madrid remain the richest club in Europe, extending their unbeaten run to 11 years, according to Deloitte’s football money league. Barcelona have closed the gap significantly over the past year, leapfrogging Manchester United into second place after a hugely successful season in which they won their domestic league, a cup and a European trophy.

English clubs increasingly dominate the ranking. Thanks to a lucrative broadcasting deal agreed in 2012, there are now nine Premier League clubs in the world’s top 20, and 17 in the top 30.

The ratio of the three principal revenue streams remains broadly consistent with the prior year, with clubs generating 19% of their revenue from matchday sources, 40% from broadcast and 41% from commercial. 

Paris Saint-Germain remain the only French club in the top 20 this year. Commercial revenue was once again the highest for any club in the Money League. 

Juventus’ continued domestic dominance, but the Italian clubs continue to struggle to match the growth of many of their Money League peers.

Bayern Munich is one of only three clubs to be ever present in our Money League top ten but this is the first time in 12 years that it has slipped down the table, having suffered a decrease in commercial revenue.