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Three Largest Banks by Customer Deposits in

Market Share of 3 Largest Banks
Banking | Czechia | May 29, 2023
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Customer deposits increased 0% qoq to during the third quarter of 2022. This means an annual growth rate of %, which is above the average growth of % we have seen in deposits in the last decade.

ERROR: Division by zero ERROR: Division by zero ERROR: Division by zero ERROR: Division by zero Households deposits grew 0% qoq and % yoy in the last 12 months and represented NAN% of total customer deposits at the end of September 2022. Corporate deposits increased by 0% qoq (or % yoy) and made up NAN% of total while the remaining NAN% comprised other deposits (to financial and public institutions) compared to NAN% a year ago.

Overall, Ceska Sporitelna is the largest deposit collector with a ERROR: Division by zeroINF% market share followed by CSOB (ERROR: Division by zeroINF%) and Komercni Banka (ERROR: Division by zeroINF%):

ERROR: Division by zeroERROR: Division by zero

The three largest banks held INF% of customer deposits at the end of third quarter. When compared to the same period of last year, we estimate that they have of the market.

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