What Are the World's Dream Jobs?

World | April 6, 2016
Excel Sheet

A busy job doesn’t always leave time for the good things in life, according to Murray Nicol at the World Economic Forum. Long hours at the office and a near-permanent state of connectedness means family and fun are often pushed down our list of priorities.

Job search and salary comparison website Glassdoor.com has released its list of the 25 jobs that have the best work-life balance, and some of the answers are surprising.

Ten of the top 25 jobs with the best work-life balance are in the technology sector. One job that stands out is that of substitute teacher, which ranked lowest in terms of salary but fifth in terms of work-life balance, thanks to the flexibility it allows.

Also of note is a gradual downward trend in the perception of work-life balance. The last study reached a new low compared to the past ones, which means that workers are struggling more than ever to keep their work from infringing upon their personal lives.