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What Banks in India Were the Most Cost Efficient in 2018?

Top Banks by Costs As % Of Income
Banking | India | November 5, 2019
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Based on a comparison of 26 banks in India in 2018, ICICI Bank was the most cost efficient bank, followed by UCO Bank and Bandhan Bank.

ICICI Bank's cost to income ratio reached 14.1% in 2018, down from 22.3% when compared to the last year. Historically, the bank’s costs reached an all time high of 48.5% in 2013 and an all time low of -9.45% in 2002.

When compared to total assets, bank's cost amounted to 1.39% in 2018, down from 1.04% a year earlier.

Comparing ICICI Bank with its closest peers, UCO Bank operated in 2018 with a cost to income ratio of 28.1%, Bandhan Bank reached 32.1% and HDFC Bank some 40.1%.

You can see all the banks cost efficiency data on the Costs (As % Of Income) indicator page or you can download a report on the Indian banks in the report section.