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What Banks in Poland Were the Most Cost Efficient in 2016?

Top Banks by Costs As % Of Income
Banking | Poland | May 12, 2023
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Based on a comparison of 18 banks in Poland in 2016, mBank was the most cost efficient bank, followed by Santander Bank Polska and Idea Bank.

mBank's cost to income ratio reached 40.8% in 2016, down from 42.9% when compared to the last year. Historically, the bank’s costs reached an all time high of 97.1% in 2004 and an all time low of 34.1% in 1999.

When compared to total assets, bank's cost amounted to 1.39% in 2016, down from 1.60% a year earlier.

Comparing mBank with its closest peers, Santander Bank Polska operated in 2016 with a cost to income ratio of 45.3%, Idea Bank reached 46.6% and PKO BP some 51.7%.

The average cost to income ratio reached 43.7% in the Polish banking sector in 2016.

You can see all the banks cost efficiency data on the Costs (As % Of Income) indicator page or you can download a report on the Polish banks in the report section.

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