Which Are the World's Most Visited Cities?

Travel & Hospitality | February 08, 2016
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London has retained its position as the top-ranked international travel destination for the fifth time in seven years, according to the annual MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index.

According to the study released in the middle of 2015, London was projected to receive 18.8 million international visitors in 2015, just slightly ahead of second-ranked Bangkok. The two cities have topped the Index throughout its five-year history. 

While London, Bangkok and Paris received the most international overnight tourists in 2015, visitors spent the most money in London, New York and Paris.

In 2015, it is expected that nearly 383 million overnight trips will be made by international visitors between the Index’s 132 cities, representing a massive demand for goods, services and experiences as they spend at total of US$360 billion during their visits.

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