Which Countries are Building Nuclear Power Plants?

Energy & Utility | February 7, 2016
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The world’s attention regarding countries building nuclear reactors, has mostly been focused on just one of them over the past few years – Iran. However, in 2015 Iran agreed with six world powers to limit its sensitive nuclear activities for more than a decade in return for the lifting of sanctions.

According to the World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2015, the vast majority of new reactors are being built in China. There are 62 active building sites globally and China is currently the king of nuclear construction, accounting for 24 of these 62 projects. China's 2015 ‘Five Year Plan’ calls for 40 reactors to be built by 2020. 

Fifteen other countries around the world are also building nuclear reactors.  Eight of them are being built in Russia and six in India. The United States has 99 reactors in operation, more than any other country worldwide, and it is currently building a further five.