Which Country Has the Best-Organized Trade Unions?

Trade Union Density (%), 2015
Labour | February 22, 2018
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Based on a comparison of 32 countries in 2015, Iceland ranked the highest in Trade Union Density with 83.1% followed by Finland and Sweden. On the other end of the scale was Turkey with 4.86%, Estonia with 6.56% and France with 7.74%.

Average Trade Union Density reached 16.9% in 2015 in the World. This is 0.34 % less than in the previous year and -11.1 % less than 10 years ago.

Historically, average Trade Union Density reached an all time high of 34.7% in 1975 and an all time low of 16.9% in 2013. The average annual growth amounted to -1.27 % since 1960.

Data for more countries are available at Trade Union Density indicator page.