Which Country Produces the Most Cranberries?

Cranberry Production (tonnes)
Agriculture | February 22, 2018
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Based on a comparison of 14 countries in 2014, USA ranked the highest in cranberry production with 381,018 tonnes followed by Canada and Chile. On the other end of the scale was France with 53.0 tonnes, Bulgaria with 90.0 tonnes and Spain with 100 tonnes.

Total cranberry production reached 477,260 tonnes in 2014 in the World according to Faostat. This is 13.2 % less than in the previous year and 25.7 % more than 10 years ago.

Historically, total cranberry production reached an all time high of 540,259 tonnes in 2013 and an all time low of 56,408 tonnes in 1961. The average annual growth amounted to 4.11 % since 1961.

The top ranked country, USA, accounted for 79.8 % of cranberry production in the world. The top 3 countries hold a 134 % share while the ten largest countries some 137 % in 2014.