Who Was the Most Valuable Among PX Index in 2017?

Top Companies by Market Capitalisation (USD mil)
Czech Republic | November 24, 2019
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Based on a comparison of 6 firms among PX Index, CEZ had the highest market value at the end of 2017 followed by O2 Czech Republic and Central European Media Enterprises.

CEZ stock price closed the year 2017 at CZK 497. Since the end of 2012 the stock depreciated by 27.0% implying an annual average growth of -6.10%. In absolute terms, the value of the company fell by USD 34.9 mil.

Historically, the CEZ’s market capitalization reached an all time high of USD 42,871 mil in 2007 and an all time low of USD 1,292 mil in 2001.

At the end of 2017, the company traded at price to earnings of 14.1x and EV/EBITDA of 8.12x. Over the last five years, the firm generated its shareholders an average return on equity of 8.54%.

Comparing CEZ with its closest peers, O2 Czech Republic's market capitalization amounted to USD 3,937 mil and its stock traded at PE of 15.0x, Central European Media Enterprises had a market value of USD 1,099 mil trading at PE of 22.1x, Stock Spirits Group's market capitalization reached USD 722 mil (with PE of 53.2x).

You can see all the companies market capitalisation data on the Market Capitalisation indicator page or you can download a special statistical dossier on the PX Index in the reports section.

Market Capitalisation Unit 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Central European Media Enterprises USD mil 417 445 464 439 395
CEZ USD mil 21,262 19,104 13,925 13,776 9,562
Pegas Nonwovens USD mil 215 239 299 239 272
O2 Czech Republic USD mil 6,248 5,489 4,792 3,127 3,136
Stock Spirits Group USD mil ... ... ... 895 759 407
Kofola USD mil 144 239 318 284 471