Allianz pojišťovna in Numbers

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Company: Allianz Pojistovna
Provider: Helgi Analytics
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Allianz pojišťovna, a. s. is a Czech Republic-based wholly-owned subsidiary of the leading insurance group Allianz. With nearly 1.8 million of insurance policies sold and over USD 1 bil  of technical reserves under management, Allianz is the third largest insurance company in the Czech Republic, holding a 7.5% share on total premium sold in 2012. Allianz Group is a German multinational financial services company headquartered in Munich. Its core business and focus is insurance. As of 2010, it was the world's largest insurance company and the largest financial services company by revenues.

This excel file offers a summary of the company's performance in 2000-2012. You will find here all the key numbers from the company's balance sheet and income statement on the annual basis in the local currency and in USD.

In addition, we present details of the company's investment portfolio, the breakdown of the insurance business and development of company's market share on the domestic market

Insurance | Czech Republic | February 03, 2014