Bank Slaski in Numbers

Language: English
Company: ING Bank Slaski
Provider: Helgi Analytics

ING Bank Slaski is Poland's nationwide universal bank. Its product and service offer includes personal accounts, debit and credit cards, overdraft limits, cash and mortgage loans, saving accounts, term deposits, investment funds, brokerage services, structured products, insurance products and pension funds. The bank offers its services to companies, institutions, and to more than 3.2 million individual clients through a network of 426 branches. The bank is especially strong at deposit collection and payment card business. At the end of 2012, the bank held nearly 8% of all Poland's bank deposits and issued nearly 7.4% of all bank cards. Since 1996, the bank's majority shareholder is the Dutch ING Group now holding a 75% stake in the bank.

This excel file offers a summary of the company's performance in between 1Q2007-3Q2013 on the quarterly, and in 2001-2012 on the annual basis.

You will find here all the key numbers from the bank's balance sheet, income statement and main ratios related to the bank's business. In addition, the file provides a detailed overview of the bank's market position in the comparison with the overall banking sector in Poland

Banking | Poland | November 09, 2013