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Bulgaria At A Glance

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Provider: Helgi Analytics
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The report describes the key trends in Bulgaria. Most of the key statistics discussed are presented in comparison with other CEE countries and more developed economies. We split the report into the following categories. Demographics should give you a basic idea of how old Bulgarians are, what the proportions of the younger or older generations are, how many people live in cities or in the countryside, how long the average male or female might expect to live, or how large the average household in Bulgaria is. Healthcare provides data on how much Bulgarians spend on healthcare and how much comes from public sources; we describe the Bulgarian healthcare infrastructure and the quality of the service. Agriculture includes data on the use of land, including the forest industry, livestock production, and major trends in Bulgarian consumption habits, ranging from the consumption of meat, beer, or cheese to fruit and vegetables, for example. In the economics section, we aim to sum up the key trends in the Bulgarian economy and its main strengths and weaknesses, and provide a view of how the country stands in comparison with its neighbours and within the developed world. In the energy area, you should get a basic idea of how much energy Bulgarians produce and from what sources. In addition, the report provides details on energy consumption and dependency, the efficiency of energy use, and details on CO2 emissions. The labour market section offers statistics regarding people who work or are looking for a job, how workers are compensated, and how flexible the market is, for example. In the residential housing section, you should get a basic idea of how Bulgarians live and how much Bulgarian properties are worth and how Bulgarians finance them. The banking section describes the level of penetration of key products and services, growth prospects and profitability or the development of banks' asset quality, and their level of competition, for example. In the section on investments, the report describes the key trends in the Bulgarian insurance sector, pension and investment funds, and the area of capital markets. The section on telcos and hi-tech describes mobile and fixed line telephony,the use of the internet, and research activities in the economy.
Agriculture | Bulgaria | February 04, 2013
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