Bulgarian Insurance, Asset Mng. & Pensions

Language: English
Provider: Helgi Analytics
Pages: 7
The report describes the key trends in the Bulgarian insurance sector, pension and investment funds, and in the area of capital markets. Most of the key statistics are presented in comparison with other CEE countries and more developed economies. You should get a basic idea of how much Bulgarians are worth on average or in total as a society, in other words, how much money the average Bulgarian leaves in the bank, invested into life insurance or investment funds, how much capital has been accumulated in his/her pension fund account, or how much Bulgarian residential housing is worth. Within the insurance sector, we describe the basic trends in life and non-life insurance, the amounts of the insurance premiums written every year, the total size of the technical reserves, the profitability of the insurance companies, the structure of the insurance market, and the development of particular products of the insurance business. In the pension fund business, you can find interesting statistics regarding autonomous pension funds (the 2nd and 3rd pillars), such as the total amounts of pension fund assets (in absolute terms, per client, or as a share of GDP, for example), the number of clients, how much employees or employers contribute to the system, and so on. In the area of investing, you can find interesting statistics regarding joint investing with details on investment funds, or activity on the stock exchange.
Insurance | Bulgaria | February 02, 2013