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Comparison of 15 Companies within Erste Group

You might also find useful data from the Banking sector.

More data on Slovakia.

This Annual Statistical Dossier offers a comparison of 15 banks from Erste Group from 1996 to 2017 on an annual basis. The report can be downloaded as an Excel file.

You will find here the key numbers from the banks' balance sheets such as loan and deposit breakdown, or capitalization, income statements for the sector and the main ratios related to the banking business such as asset quality, number and cost of employees or details on banking infrastructure.

The file contains data of following banks:

If you are only interested in particular areas of a bank's business, you can find and download specific indicators from the bank's Corporate Profile, or specific charts from the bank's Chart Section, where you can find a comparison of the bank with its peers.

If you are interested in the banking quarterly figures, please refer to the banking Quarterly Statistical Dossier.

Download a sample excel file attached to see more details. On purchase, the hidden cells will be unlocked and all available data wll be visible.

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October 29, 2018 Helgi Analytics

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