ČZ Strakonice at a Glance

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ČZ, a.s., or Česká zbrojovka Strakonice is a Czech Republic-based former firearms manufacturer also known for making ČZ motorcycles. ČZ was established as a branch of the Škoda Works Armament in Strakonice, Czechoslovakia in September 1919. After the WWII, the Company was nationalized and arms production in the Strakonice plant was ended. In 1948 ČZ Motorcycles merged with its main rival, Jawa and became the second largest motorcycle manufacturer in Europe. In the 1990's, the Company was restructured and the ČZ has became an important manufacturer of automotive parts. Nowadays, the Company exports 60% of its production mainly to Russia, Mexico, Germany and other countries. The production range at ČZ has been supplemented by the production of high lift trucks with the traditional DESTA brand.

This report offers a summary of the Company's performance in 2004-2012. You will find here all the key numbers from the Company's balance sheet, income statement and cash flow and main ratios related to the Company's business

Manufacturing | Czech Republic | June 10, 2014
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