Czech Automotives

Language: English
Provider: Helgi Analytics
The report describes the key trends in the Czech automotive sector. We aim to describe what and how many vehicles are produced and sold in the country, how the market is penetrated and what are the market’s specifics. First, you might find details about passenger car production, such as number of vehicles produced, in absolute terms, per capita or in the comparison with other countries. We provide data by producers and calculate world’s market share for each of them. Second, we provide data about the structure of the car market, penetration (such as number of cars, both in absolute as well as relative figures), structure of the stock (age, proportion of diesel, gasoline fueled vehicles, or vehicles fueled by alternative energy). Third, you might find details regarding sales of new cars on the market including statistics on producers including their market shares, or category of the car sold. Last, we provide a summary of the road transport in the Czech Republic including data on road network, numbers of passengers and goods transported and comparison with railway transportation
Automotive | Czech Republic | December 23, 2012
Excel Sheet, 8 pages