Czech Telcos & Hi-Tech

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Provider: Helgi Analytics
Pages: 6
The report describes the key trends in the Czech telecommunication and high technology sector. Most of the key statistics are presented in comparison with other CEE countries and more developed economies. First, we describe mobile and fixed line telephony, such as penetration of mobile and fixed line, in absolute terms, as a share to total population or a number of households or compared to its CEE peers or the more developed economies. We also present details how expensive it is for Czechs to call in the comparison with other EU countries. Second, you might find interesting data about use of Internet such as number of broadband Internet connection, share of population using Internet, or number of personal computers used in the population. Last, the report presents details regarding high-tech through comparison with high-tech products on total exports, number of research technicians, articles published or for example research expenditures on total GDP
Telcos & Hi-Tech | Czech Republic | December 23, 2012
Excel Sheet, 6 pages