Geis Parcel CZ in Numbers

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Company: Geis Parcel Czech Republic
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Geis Parcel CZ is a Czech Republic-based logistics company. The Company is a part of the worldwide logistics group Geis Group that is headquartered in Bad Neustad, Germany. In the Czech Republic, the Company belongs among the leading providers of complex transportation and logistics services since 1991. Each of its branch focuses on a specialized segment - parcel logistics (Geis Parcel CZ), systemic transport of general cargo and pallet, carload, logistics (Geis CZ), air and maritime transport (Geis CZ + Sea). Geis Group provides road, air, and sea freight transportation services in Europe and internationally. Its services include procurement and distribution logistics, warehouse logistics and commissioning, goods labeling, pre- and post assembly, special packaging, outsourcing projects, consulting services, and customer-specific logistics concepts, as well as project management, and IT and e-commerce services.

This excel file offers a summary of the Company's performance in 1997-2012. You will find here all the key numbers from the Company's balance sheet, income statement and cash flow and main ratios related to the Company's business

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