Helgi's Point - Consumption of Freshwater Fish

Language: Czech / English
Provider: 2013
Global rivers, lakes and wetlands contribute significantly to global food supply. The inland freshwater fisheries provide over 33% of the world’s small scale fish catch, providing valuable food security, improving rural livelihoods and employing over 60 million people. Fish is rich in protein, omega 3 and amino acids and often low in fat. Around 100 million people in Africa regularly consume freshwater fish – and the Mekong Basin in Southeast Asia – where 60 million people get their main source of protein from freshwater fisheries. Carp is traditionally a staple food in many Eastern European countries, as they were in medieval monasteries in Britain. In France, the perch is popular in fish markets and restaurants. About 1000 years ago there was a sudden shift towards marine species such as cod and herring. Globalisation has further underlined this trend from freshwater to marine fish consumption, so no wonder Czechs eat four times more marine fish than the freshwater ones. Carp is dead, long live the tuna!
Agriculture | Czech Republic | March 07, 2013
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