Helgi's Point - Female Physicians As Of Total

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Provider: 2013


Doctors (physicians) include generalist and specialist medical practitioners.

While there was only one female physician for each 9 male physicians in the United States in 1970, the share has increased to 27% in 2010 and nearly 33% in 2010. In OECD, 43% of doctors were women, up from 29% in 1990. This ranged from highs of more than half in central and eastern European countries (Estonia, Slovenia, Poland, the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, and Hungary) and Finland, to lows of less than 20% in Korea.

The share of female physicians increased in all OECD countries over this time period with particularly large increases in the United States, Spain and Denmark.Turkey, Italy, India and Poland.

Society | Austria | June 06, 2013
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